Custom Printed and Personalized Insert Ponchos

No need to order 1000’s of ponchos when you don’t need that many!

Personalized Ponchos10 -$9.50 ea

12 – $8.50 ea

25 – $7.50 ea

50 – $6.50 ea

100 – $5.50 ea

250 – $4.50 ea

1 Color Print Setup $35.00

Custom Insert Emergency Service Poncho

ROP5100 - Custom Insert Poncho

  • COMPACT: Lightweight (8-ounce), neatly folded and super-compact (3 x 4 x 0.5 inches) survival rain poncho. Occupies minimum space, therefore being the ideal travel rain gear.
  • EXTRA-PROTECTIVE: Water resistant, ultra-durable polyethylene rain poncho emergency with hooded protection for your head.
  • COMFORTABLE: Free-fitting size to be used as emergency rain gear for adult men and women as well as kids.
  • LONG-LASTING: Easy to unpack, use, dry and reuse. Will last you across different trips, hikes, vacations and your daily commute.
Durable clear vinyl emergency poncho. Comes packaged in a plastic zip lock carry case, 52″ x 80″
Custom printed insert card – 3.25″ x 5″, one size fits most
Clear, blue, orange, or prepack assortment of the 3 colors.

36-191 -$1.75 ea

192-383 – $1.50 ea

384-767- $1.25 ea

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