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Black Plain 62 Inch Vented Umbrella62″ Double Canopy Fiberglass Golf Umbrella

This premium quality golf umbrella features a double canopy construction allowing it to withstand heavy wind gusts without blowing inside out. This vented design allows the wind to pass thru the canopy. This premium quality lightning resistant umbrella is the most advanced fiberglass technology golf umbrella available today! It has a fiberglass frame and shaft reducing the weight and is virtually free of metal parts. It also has a black foam grip handle and a matching color nylon sleeve complete with shoulder strap.

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Do you want less expensive promotional giveaway umbrellas or premium quality umbrellas to use for years to come?

We can accommodate your umbrella needs, whether you’re looking for cheap umbrellas to give away for promotional purposes or quality umbrellas to use for years to come.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions you may have. Contact Kristie directly if you don’t see the umbrella you are looking for. Remember, we do have a LARGE variety of umbrella styles, sizes and colors available to choose from.

Are you looking for a less expensive umbrella for promotional giveaways or a premium quality umbrella that will last for years?

Some people shop around for a better quality umbrella that is designed and constructed to last much longer. They usually care more about how long the umbrella will last. Though we offer the BEST quality umbrellas, we pride ourselves in making them available at reasonable prices.

Other people shop around for the lowest prices when buying their umbrellas. They usually care more about the lower price than they do the quality of the actual umbrella. This is why we also offer large variety umbrellas.

Let me give you an example by comparing 2 of our own umbrellas. Both are great quality, but priced differently.

CLICK HERE for our premium quality 62″ golf umbrella (style#ROPVG62)One (see differences below)

CLICK HERE for our top quality 60″ golf umbrella (style#ROPMS60)The Other (see differences below)

The most important differences between the two are below…

1. One is made of fiberglass and virtually free of metal parts. The other is made with a double ribbed steel frame. Think about the lightning!

2. One is constructed with a double canopy vented system that allows heavy wind gusts to pass through. The other is not. Think about the wind gusts!

3. One features a black foam grip handle and a matching color nylon sleeve complete with shoulder strap. The other features a matching color bicycle grip handle, matching color tips and a wrist strap.

4. One costs a little more money. The other costs a little less money. What’s more important to you, a cheap price or a better quality? It’s your call. Think about it and let me know what I can do to help.

Now let’s talk about plain umbrellas vs imprinted umbrellas.

Should you just get them plain? Or, should you have them imprinted with your name/logo? Well, I guess that depends on your specific individual umbrella needs. I personally suggest having your name/logo on anything someone might walk off, especially an umbrella. Remember that umbrellas are seen by the local public community.

Questions? No problem! Give me a call, send me an email or fill out the form below. You can contact me (Kristie) directly at your own convenience, using whichever connection method you are most comfortable with.

Premium Quality Golf & Stylish Fashion Umbrellas

Available Plain & Custom Imprinted

For your convenience we continue to do our best to make ordering umbrellas as pleasant and easy as possible. Just email the umbrella style #, color and your logo to the email below. We will happily design a virtual proof for you at no charge. This helps us to be sure you are receiving exactly what you want. Feel free to include the shipping address if you’d like the UPS Ground shipping rate. We do not send the invoice until you approve the virtual proof and ask us to move forward with your order. You can pay safely and securely right through the invoice with any major credit card or bank account. All orders are processed upon receipt of payment. All orders are shipped via UPS Ground with a tracking number.

It’s that simple!

Need help? No problem! My name is Kristie Marie. I am the only person you deal with and I’m happy to help you figure out which umbrella best meets your individual umbrella needs, as well as your budget. Just call, email or live chat with me directly. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media with the links below!

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Thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your business.

Personalized Funeral Home Stationery and Accessories

As your favorite funeral home and promotional product supplier, we are proud to say that we now have The Regal Line funeral stationery and accessories available.

Traditional Values – Modern High Quality Printing

For 100 years The Regal Line has been committed to providing the best quality funeral stationery in the industry. While printing technology has changed, they’ve maintained their dedication to exceptional quality even as they’ve modernized equipment, updated their printing techniques and added specialized treatments to their product line.

The Importance of Quality Funeral Stationery – Creating Lasting Impressions

Every impression you make at a visitation, funeral, or memorial service speaks to a potential future customer. That’s why quality funeral stationery products and accessories might be more important than most funeral directors realize. As a treasured link to their loved one, funeral stationery is often the only remembrance of your service that remains in the hands of family and friends. It is also their connection back to you when your services are needed again.

Collections for Every Funeral Preference

The Regal Line offers coordinating sets and customizable templates that speak to the emotional and practical needs of all your customers. Designs range from traditional and spiritual to modern, meditative and eco-friendly. Collections offer a full suite of products that help memorialize loved ones, record attendance and provide important tools for correspondence.

Click HERE to take a look at The Regal Line Gift Box Sets

Click the photos below for a larger view…

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