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Do you need an affordable golf umbrella that does NOT flip inside out or fall apart on you during a storm?

Mother Nature makes it a part of our lives to go outside when there’s a storm. People across the country begin their day by grabbing their umbrella and heading out the door. Umbrellas tend to be expected to last much longer than they usually do. As if being outside in the stormy weather isn’t bad enough, some will experience their umbrella flipping inside out or falling apart on them. A few of us know this is not a fun experience. You can do a ton of Google searches to find the umbrella that is right for you, but how will you know which umbrella to choose from out of the millions that are available on the internet now? That is where Premium Quality Umbrellas comes in. We’ve been selling umbrellas to Funeral Homes, Limousine Services, Dance Studios, Restaurants, Hotels and More throughout the USA  since 2002. We understand that businesses rely on their umbrellas to last without flipping inside out or falling apart. We understand that most businesses also rely on affordable prices, and spending $39+ for each umbrella isn’t very realistic. With that being said, please let me introduce to you OUR BEST SELLING umbrella…

Our best selling umbrella is a 62″ umbrella made of fiberglass and virtually free of metal parts. What does this mean to you? It’s much safer than holding a metal rod when trying to protect yourself from the elements. This umbrella was designed with a double canopy vented construction that allows the heavy gusts of wind to pass thru the umbrella without it flipping inside out. It also has a black foam grip handle and a matching color nylon sleeve complete with shoulder strap. 100% Nylon – 62″ Arc.

Based on what I have heard from our customers, this umbrella usually lasts approximately 3-5 years. Our customers usually re-order because people walked off with their umbrellas. So, we came up with something for that too! In addition to the amazing quality we also offer custom imprinting of your company name and/or logo on each umbrella. It’s not so terrible for your umbrellas to walk off when your company information is on them, giving you a little extra advertising to the public. 😉

Solid Colors: Black, Burgundy, Hunter Green and Navy Blue

Two-Tone Colors: Black/White, Red/White, Royal Blue/White, Navy Blue/White and Hunter Green/White

We have a large variety of umbrella styles, sizes and colors to choose from. This just happens to be about our BEST selling umbrella.