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Funeral Service Umbrellas

We have been supplying thousands of Funeral Homes throughout the USA with our premium quality umbrellas since 2002. I have personally spoken to many Funeral Directors that have a need for a specific type of umbrella based on their own personal experiences. Funeral Directors use umbrellas daily while protecting families from the elements during the funeral service for their loved ones. One of the worst things that can happen during this time is for their umbrellas to break or flip inside. A funeral service in the cemetery is clearly not the time or place for these type of mishaps. The other issue many Funeral Directors have faced is actually being struck by lightning from using an umbrella with a metal shaft. With that being said, we can actually supply Funeral Homes with the BEST umbrellas!

All of our umbrellas are available plain and custom imprinted. One thing Funeral Directors also face is that people from the services actually walk off with their umbrellas. Having the Funeral Home name, number and/or logo custom imprinted gives a little extra advertising from the people that steal their umbrellas.

Our best seller for funeral services is our umbrella style #ROPVG62. This premium quality golf umbrella features a double canopy construction allowing it to withstand heavy wind gusts without blowing inside out. This vented design allows the wind to pass thru the canopy. This premium quality lightning resistant umbrella is the most advanced fiberglass technology golf umbrella available today! This umbrella has a fiberglass frame and shaft reducing the weight and is virtually free of metal parts. It also has a black foam grip handle and a matching color nylon sleeve complete with shoulder strap. 100% Polyester – 62″ Arc. Click HERE to see more photos of this specific umbrella.

It is my pleasure to work with each funeral director individually. Working with funeral directors means so much more to me than just selling some umbrellas. I genuinely enjoy working with these wonderful people. One thing I have learned while working with funeral directors the past 15 years is that the industry is very demanding. I have learned so much about what funeral directors actually do. I personally have a great deal of respect for everyone working in the death industry. I don’t think most people realize the responsibility and time each individual actually puts in to each and every family they serve. Their love, compassion, respect, patience and understanding is truly amazing to me. I have said it many times before and I will say it again…Thank you ALL for EVERYTHING you do for so many!!! You are appreciated more than you know!

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For your convenience we continue to do our best to make ordering umbrellas as pleasant and easy as possible for you. Please email your logo and we will happily design a virtual proof for you at no charge. This helps us to be sure you are receiving exactly what you want. We do not send the invoice until you approve the virtual proof and ask us to move forward with your order. Checks and all major credit cards accepted. All orders are processed upon receipt of payment. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground with a tracking number, unless you specify otherwise. It’s that simple!

Please remember that we have a large variety of umbrella styles, sizes and colors to meet your individual needs. All of our umbrellas are available blank or custom imprinted with your name/logo. It’s entirely up to you. We are happy to help with your individual umbrella needs the best that we can.

Need help? No problem! I’m the only person you deal with and I’m happy to help you figure out which umbrella best meets your individual umbrella needs, as well as your budget. Just call, text, email or live chat with me directly. Check out our website, send an email and connect with us on social media with the links below.

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